Human-Carnivoran Interactions Symposium

Code of Conduct

Purpose of the Code of Conduct


The organizers of “Human-Carnivoran Interactions: Past, present and future”(from now on HCI) are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space, with respectful and equitable treatment for everyone. This code is meant to guide delegates, convenors, committees, collaborators, and people who might be involved with HCI in other ways.

Approach and principles

This code draws on an intersectional perspective, considering the interlocking character of gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, class, age, disability, and religion/creed as axes of discrimination and oppression.

Not acceptable conduct at Human-Carnivoran Interactions Symposia

The “Human-Carnivoran Interactions” symposium will not accept any form of inappropriate conduct, behaviour, act, practice, and interaction happening at the online event, in a horizontal or vertical modality.

Wide-ranging inappropriate conduct. At the “Human-Carnivoran Interactions” symposium, it will be understood as a violation and code breach the following forms of inappropriate conduct that – related to gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, class, age, disability and religion/creed – could take place in the context of the symposium, namely: professional dishonesty; mistreatment; diminishing comments; derogatory jokes; hate speech; privacy violations; defamation; stalking; threatening; blackmailing; labour harassment or sexual harassment.

Reporting scenario

If a person attending the “Human-Carnivoran Interactions” symposium suffers any kind of breach of the code of conduct, this person can contact one of the members of the organisation Committee to file a report of the situation.